Artist | Graphic designer

Dear friends,

as I grew up in the cultural environment of the philologist’s family, studying at music school and visiting art galleries and museums on my school holidays. Finally, I had a University degree in Romance and Germanic Philology myself. And I have always been interested in the world’s art and architecture throughout my interpreter’s career.

Due to not only my professional skills to understand and describe different artworks’ style up to the finest details, but to my personal interest as well I had tried different art techniques by myself during my leisure time before I started acrylic paints on canvas.

More I paint, more ideas come to my head, from from pen sketching and abstract to, but not limited, the pop art style. During pandemia exclusion of 2020, graphic tablet was my second great discovery. And my interest of all times is taking photos and shooting videos of our everyday life and nature.

On these sites you can see my art and graphic design projects:


Thank you for your attention to my creativity,

Oksana Pshenichnaia